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Amasses the most comprehensive localized dictionaries in 3 languages

• The New Oxford E-C Dictionary
• 2 Authoritative Dictionaries of Dewan Bahasa dan
Pustaka, Malaysia
( Kamus Dewan & Kamus Inggeris-Melayu Dewan)
• Kamus Am
• XianDai HuaYu CiDian

D8000 | D600 | ED2000C | AT6000

Exclusive with abundant learning features and the largest trilingual learning database in Malaysia of various contents, including Trilingual True Voice Pronunciation, Real Person Recording in teaching Malay Phonetic Pronunciation, Practice Exercises for all subjects and levels, animation teaching…etc

D8000 | D600 | ED2000C | AT6000

iPen has emerged as a new generation of learning tool which breaks through the traditional thinking. It is a teaching instrument invented for early childhood education on various aspects of different child development stages...

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