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Trilingual Quick Search

Abundant reference to example sentences, phrases, explanations and encyclopedia.

Dual Speaker

Produces the clearest pronunciation of every word.


The Encyclopedia covering a vast human knowledge in all fields, ranging from geography, economics, science and technology, history, people, social, life, sports, culture, arts, nature and etc.


4.3" Colour

Dual Speaker

Trilingual Quick

Instant Power On-Off

This convenient and time saving function
allows instant search of your vocabularies at once.
Closing the lid will turn into standby mode for energy saving.

Colour Notes & Notebook

To mark knowledge points in dictionaries
with different colours to add fun to your
learning. You can also create your desired
notebook in your vocabulary learning for

Most Powerful Collection of Dictionaries

The largest and most authoritative New Oxford English-Chinese Dictionary, amasses more than 355,000 entries, including over 5,000 elaborately selected new words, 52,000 science and technology terms, over 12,000 encyclopedia knowledge entries, 70,000 typical evidence and illustrative examples.

An exclusive collection of over 35 dictionaries in 3 languages including 2 Authoritative Dictionaries of Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, Malaysia - Kamus Dewan, Kamus Inggeris-Melayu Dewan, Kamus Am - Malay-Chinese-English Dictionary, 《XianDai HuaYu CiDian》- Modern Chinese Dictionary and etc.

Multilingual Dictionaries

The integration of clear pronunciation system enables foreign languages learning becomes so much easy!


Real Person Recording in teaching Malay Phonetic

Real person demonstrates the correct and pure
pronunciation to help you in mastering the Malay language.

Ancient Chinese Dictionary

To help students build up strong interest and basic knowledge on learning Ancient Chinese as well as to master the common classical phrases and sentences used.

Full Sentence Translation

Besides the easy bilingual translation from English-Chinese or vice versa, you can improve your ability of listening, speaking, reading and writing through many example sentences.

The Largest Trilingual Learning Contents

On a wide range of professional dictionaries, practice exercises for all subjects and levels, animation teaching, recognizing words, oral room and etc.

Trilingual True Voice Pronunciation

The latest ‘Real Person Pronunciation System’ gives you the clearest and accurate pronunciation.


The New Oxford English-Chinese Dictionary (English-English / English-Chinese) • English-Malay Dictionary (Kamus Inggeris-Melayu Dewan) • English-Chinese Dictionary • English Preposition Dictionary • English Phrasal Verb Dictionary • English Antonym & Synonym Dictionary • English Slang Dictionary • English Proverb Dictionary • Malay-Malay Dictionary (Kamus Dewan) • Malay-Chinese-English Dictionary • Malay-Chinese Dictionary • Malay-English Dictionary • Malay Antonym & Synonym Dictionary • Malay Idiom Dictionary • Malay Proverb Dictionary • Malay Quantifier Dictionary • XianDai HuaYu Chinese Dictionary (Chinese Order-Reverse) • Chinese-Malay-English Dictionary • Comprehensive Chinese-English Dictionary • Chinese-English Dictionary • Xinhua Chinese Dictionary • Chinese Quantifier Dictionary • Chinese Antonym & Synonym Dictionary • Chinese Idiom Dictionary • Chinese Proverb Dictionary • Chinese Ancient Dictionary • Chinese Poetry Dictionary • Chinese Miscible Dictionary • Chinese Polyphony Dictionary • Chinese Allegory Dictionary • Chinese Encyclopedia Dictionary • Trilingual Picture Dictionary • Multilingual Dictionaries • Professional Dictionary • Mathemetics Dictionary • Science Dictionary

Interactive Dialogue • Chinese Study • Phonetic Learning • Grammar Learning • Vocabulary • Word Games • Oral Room • English Reading • Revision • Colour Note • Exercises

Music Player • Video Player • E-Book • Album • Recorder • Game

Time • Calendar • Calculator

Setting • PC Synchronization • Files Management


Screen Display : Screen Size: 4.3"
Resolution: 480 x 272 dpi
LCD: 16.7 Million Colours TFT Colour Screen
  Storage Memory : Built-In Memory: 8GB
External Memory Support: 16GB
(Micro SD/ Micro SDHC)
Movie Player : Format: AVI, MP4, SWF, RM, RMVB, 3GP   Weight : ±230g
Music Player : Format: MP3, WMA   Dimensions : 142mm x 83.2mm x 17.3mm
Photo : Format: JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF