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System and Features

The brand new D8000 using Android 4.0 operating system, equipped with 8" HD Touch Screen, WiFi surfing, USB connection & HDMI Support, to provide you a smart & intelligent learning experience.




Over 46 Trilingual Dictionaries

Built in with over 46 dictionaries in more than 3 languages including the largest and most authoritative English-Chinese Dictionary - The New Oxford E-C Dictionary, two authoritative dictionaries of Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, Malaysia - Kamus Dewan & Kamus Inggeris-Melayu Dewan, XianDai HuaYu CiDian, Eng-Chi Technology, Synonym Dict., Antonym Dict., Dict. of Examples, Dict. of verbs, Dict. of Animation, Dict. of Grades, Fallible Word, Polyphony, Multilingual dictionaries, Encyclopedia Dictionary, Professional Dictionaries etc.


The largest and most authoritative New Oxford English-Chinese Dictionary, amasses more than 355,000 entries, including over 5,000 elaborately selected new words, 52,000 science and technology terms, over 12,000 encyclopedia knowledge entries, 70,000 typical evidence and illustrative examples.


Preschool Learning Education

Combined with the advance pre-school education theory and practice by understanding the characteristics of both the physical and mental development of children, the multimedia learning contents are designed from easy to difficult, from simple cognition to developing reflection. The learning apps replace the conventional teaching methods by having colourful, attractive and interactive designs and animations hence integrating the fun and learning together to gain knowledge in an effective way. The learning apps include Barry & Harry, My Little Star, Children’s Park, Preschool, IQ EQ, Cartoons, Reading, Oral Room, Click Learning, Other Test, Chi. Learning and Scientist.



Exam Preparation

Practice makes perfect. The built in applications of Smart Test and Exercise , are made up of various exam question formats including fundamental, error-prone and past year questions which provide a wide coverage test with reviews of answer. This is able to quicken your learning process and build up confidence to face the school exams.

Language Development

To master your language skills, it involves the practices of listening, reading, writing, speaking and thinking. The built in practical and interactive applications such as Oral Room, Listening, Grammar, Essay, I.P.A. etc are able to provide you a comprehensive language development.

Office Document System

The simple operation of Office Document System helps you to manage your daily works and documents easily and effectively.

Parent Management System

With a password control, parents are able to control the online access and manage the learning time of children.

True Voice Pronunciation

The “True Voice Pronunciation System” provides you the clearest and accurate pronunciation.

Fun & Learning Games

Interesting IQ games to provoke the logical, analytical, responsive and creative exercises of brain, mind and body.

Powerful Dictionaries

The New Oxford Eng-Chi Dictionary (Eng-Eng / Eng-Chi) • DBP Eng-Malay Dictionary (Kamus Inggeris-Melayu Dewan) • Eng-Chi Dictionary • Eng-Chi Technology • English Preposition • English Phrasal Verb • English Slang • English Proverb • English Synonym • English Antonym • Eng Dictionary of Examples • Eng Dictionary of verbs • Eng Dictionary of Animation • English Name • Eng Dictionary of Grades • DBP Malay-Malay Dictionary (Kamus Dewan) • Malay-Chi-Eng Dictionary • Malay-Chi Dictionary • Malay-Eng Dictionary • Malay Antonym & Synonym • Malay Idiom • Malay Proverb • Malay Quantifier • XianDai HuaYu Chinese Dictionary (Order-Reverse) • Chi-Malay-Eng Dictionary • Comprehensive Chi-Eng Dictionary • Chi-Eng Dictionary • Great Chi-Eng Dictionary • Xinhua Chinese Dictionary • Chinese Quantifier • Chinese Antonym & Synonym • Chinese Idiom • Chinese Proverb • Chinese Ancient Dictionary • Chinese Poetry • Chinese Miscible Dictionary • Chinese Polyphony • Chinese Allegory • Multilingual Dictionary • Professional Dictionary • Picture Dictionary • Cyclopedia • Illustrated Dictionary • Chinese ↔ English Full Sentence Translation


Barry and Harry (BM, Eng, Math, Science) • My Little Star • Children’s Park ( Happiness, Grow Up, Learn, Habit, Personality, Wisdom, Little Artist, Sinology, Interaction) • Preschool (Language, Symbolic, Physical, Music, Obervation, Space, Social, Recognition, Sinology) • IQ EQ (EQ Test, Recognition, Management, Inspiration, Sensible, Harmonious, IQ Test, Cultivation, Concentration, Memory, Imagination, Analysis, Thinking, Response) • Cartoon (Cartoon Chi, Cartoon Math, Cartoon Eng, More) • Reading • Oral Room • Click Learning • Other Test • Chi Learning (Chi Paradise, Pinyin Learning, Strokes, Character, Grammar, Chi Sentences, Miscible, Ambiguous, Polyphone, Synonym, Idiom, Chi writing) • Scientist (Maths, T. Arithmetic, Arithmetic, Abucus, Geometry, IMO Book, Phy & Chemis, Tutorial)

English Study

I.P.A (Speech Organs, Vowel, Consonant) • Animation • Grammar • Vocabulary • Listening • Writing (Wrting skill, Pattern, Quotable, Model Essay, Compose) • Eng Paradise (Doll Catching, Cutoff Bridge, Good News, Popping Ball, Catch, Cross River, Colourful, More) • Sentences • Translation

Learning Class

Classroom (Eng Grammar, Chi Grammar, Malay Grammar) • Essay • Smart Test • Exercise


Study Plan • Parent • Password • User Guide • File Browser • ES File Explorer • Flash Setting • HD Player • Calculator • Music • Calendar • Setting • Clock • Camera • Play Store


Screen Display : Screen Size: 8"
Resolution: 1024 x 768 dpi
Multi Touch Colour Screen
  Storage Memory : Built-In Memory: 16GB
External Memory Support: 32GB
(Micro SD/ Micro SDHC)
Processor : 1.0GHz   RAM : DDR3 1GB
Operating System : Android 4.0.4   Battery Capacity : 4400 mAh
Network : WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Support 3G adaptor   Photo : Format: JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF
Music Player : Format: MP3, WMA, etc   Movie Player : Format: AVI, FLV, WMV, MP4, RMVB, MPEG, 3GP, etc
Camera : 2 Mega pixels   Support : USB2.0 port, mini USB port, HDMI, G-sensor, Mouse, Keyboard & U-Disk
Weight : ±630g   Dimensions : 210mm x 154mm x 13mm