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Enlist the Most Authoritative Dictionaries
The New Oxford E-C Dictionary

This most authoritative English-Chinese dictionary amasses more than 355,000 entries, including over 5,000 elaborately selected new words, 52,000 science and technology terms, over 12,000 encyclopedic knowledge entries, 70,000 typical evidence and illustrative examples.

The Most Complete Database of Trilingual Dictionaries

24 selected dictionaries are more than enough to solve your problems in your learning. Plus, free download of Professional Dictionary. *

* More upgrade version for free download will be announced in future.

Colourful Glowing

With high quality display screen and video functioning, let you enjoy a pleasant learning while watching educational film.

Supports the most popular avi format.

Pure Pronunciation

100% Trilingual Pronunciation.
Crystal clear pronunciation demo by the language expert
with accurate and
pure intonation.

Touch Screen with Handwriting Recognition

Input words directly at your fingertips.

High Speed keypad

Specially designed easy press keys to make input faster.

Quick Response

Quality high-speed processor to function smoothly.
Just start the device and do what you like.


Allows a collection of books for reading and learning at all times.

Malay-Malay Dictionary (Kamus Dewan) • Malay-Chinese Dictionary • Malay-English Dictionary • Malay-Chinese-English Dictionary • Malay Proverb Dictionary • Malay Idiom Dictionary • Malay Quantifier Dictionary • Malay Antonym & Synonym Dictionary • The New Oxford English-Chinese Dictionary (English-English / English-Chinese) • English-Chinese Dictionary • English-Malay Dictionary (Kamus Inggeris-Melayu Dewan) • English-English Dictionary • English Phrasal Verb Dictionary • English Proverb Dictionary • English Antonym & Synonym Dictionary • Chinese-Malay-English Dictionary • Chinese-English Dictionary • XianDai HuaYu CiDian • Chinese Idiom Dictionary • Chinese Quantifier Dictionary • Chinese Antonym & Synonym Dictionary • Terminology Mathematics Dictionary • Terminology Science Dictionary • Professional Dictionary • Download Dictionary

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Screen Display : Screen Size: 3.5"
Resolution: 320 x 240 dpi
Colour: 256 colours TFT colour screen
  Storage Memory : Built-In Memory: 2GB
External memory support: 16GB (micro SD/ SDHC)
Photo : Format: BMP   Weight : ±210g
Music Player : Format: MP3   Dimensions : 112.6mm x 112.6mm x 12.6mm
Movie Player : Format: MV3