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Excellent and Wide Coverage of

3 Authoritative Dictionaries

Exclusively built-in 《Oxford Chinese Dictionary》, the largest and most authoritative bilingual dictionary of English-Chinese, Chinese-English which contains over 670,000 words, phrases and translations. Next, The Oxford Compact English Dictionary with a glossary in various aspects which was highly recommended by people all over the world in learning Standard English. In addition, The New Oxford English-Chinese Dictionary amasses more than 355,000 entries, including over 5,000 elaborately selected new words, 52,000 science and technology terms, over 12,000 encyclopedic knowledge entries, 70,000 typical evidence and illustrative examples.


2 Authoritative Malay Dictionaries from
Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka

Kamus Dewan & Kamus Inggeris-Melayu Dewan

Amasses the most comprehensive
localized dictionaries in 3 languages

Brand New 5" Colour Display Screen
gives clear and bright pictures

Exclusive One Minute English

Presenting animated terms and phrases lively in an interesting and practicable manner according to the situation for your easy understanding and learning.

IQ Tests

IQ tests were classified into age groups, basics and analysis through different languages, memory, logical thinking and handling in their total scores which bring enlightenment to children.

Exclusive with abundant learning features and the largest trilingual learning database in Malaysia of various contents, including a wide range of professional dictionaries, model exams and exercises for all subjects and levels, animation lessons, etc.

Animation Idioms Dictionary

Lively and enjoyably, easy to understand, convey the definitions reference comfortably and interestingly.

Illustrated Trilingual Dictionary

Abundant and detailed contents for convenient reference and enhance your vocabulary.

English-Chinese Phrase Dictionary

Learning English phrases is essential for students. Many short and powerful phrases will help in improving the ability of listening, speaking and writing in English as well as to enhance the skills in reading and writing.

The Oxford Chinese Dictionary (English-Chinese / Chinese-English) • The New Oxford English-Chinese Dictionary (English-English / English-Chinese) • The Oxford Compact English Dictionary • English-Malay Dictionary (Kamus Inggeris-Melayu Dewan) • English- Chinese Phrase Dictionary • English Proverb Dictionary • English Phrase Verb Dictionary • English Antonym & Synonym Dictionary • Malay-Malay Dictionary (Kamus Dewan) • Malay-Chinese-English Dictionary • Malay Proverb Dictionary • Malay Idiom Dictionary • Malay Quantifier Dictionary • Malay Antonym & Synonym Dictionary • XianDai HuaYu Dictionary (Chinese-Chinese) • Chinese-Malay-English Dictionary • Chinese Idiom Dictionary • Chinese Quantifier Dictionary • Chinese Antonym & Synonym Dictionary • Multilingual Dictionaries • Japanese-Chinese Dictionary • Chinese-Japanese Dictionary • French-Chinese Dictionary • German-Chinese Dictionary • Spanish-Chinese Dictionary • Professional Dictionary • Animated Dictionary • Illustrated Dictionary • Vocabulary Dictionary • Chinese English Full Sentence Translation

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Screen Display : Screen Size: 5"   Music Player : Format: MP3, WMA
Resolution : 480 x 272 dpi   Movie Player : Format: AVI, WMV, FLV, RM, RMVB
LCD : 16 Million Colour Resolution   Weight : ±250g
Storage Memory : Built-In Memory: 8GB   Dimensions : 147mm X 97mm X 22.8mm
External Memory Support : 16GB (SD / SDHC)        
Photo : Format: JPEG, BMP